Q: Do I need nutritional counselling?

Answer: Most people benefit from the professional knowledge, structure and support offered by nutritional counselling. At Health by Nutrition™ we specialize in nutrition and lifestyle coaching that empowers you to make the necessary changes to reclaim your health. The majority of our clients know what they should be doing – or not doing – but they enlist our support  because they need a “kick-start” to get going.  We’ll give you the tools and knowledge to help you make the right choices for optimizing your nutrition intake and developing healthy lifestyle habits. 

Q: How is your weight loss program different from the other big name companies like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Dr. Bernstein etc?

AnswerThe level of personal care we give our clients sets us apart from other commercial based nutrition and weight management companies.  We care for you as a unique individuals, not as a customer.   After doing a comprehensive assessment to determine your goals, we will design a customized program tailored to your specific dietary and lifestyle needs.  A Registered Nutritionist will coach you step-by-step on the program to help ensure your success!

Q: Does the weight loss program require purchase of bars, shakes, pills or proprietary foods?   

Answer: Health by Nutrition™ does not sell proprietary foods, shakes, bars or supplements. Our weight loss programs are based on healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes. Food alone may not be enough to optimize health in some situations, we will recommend natural supplements but they are not mandatory, you have a choice whether to take them or not.