Nutrition Tune-Up


Just like your vehicle requires regular tune-ups to keep it performing at its best, your diet and lifestyle needs regular tune-ups to make sure you’re getting essential nutrients and performing at YOUR best.

This program guides you through upgrading your diet in a simple, step-by-step approach.  

In just 5 short weeks, you will feel re-energized and rejuvenated with the tools and strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term. Program includes meeting a Registered Nutritionist once weekly for half an hour and email and phone support between visits. Professional nutrition guidance can help you better understand how to take care of yourself in the best possible way to achieve vibrant health.


  • You have a general feeling of malaise or you are dealing with specific health concern e.g. aches/pains, allergies, chronic inflammation, digestive problems, fatigue, frequent cold/flus and infections, hypertension, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, (for women) menstrual or menopausal problems and poor blood sugar control.
  • You need to see dramatic results quickly to stay motivated when making changes to your diet.
  • You’ve been procrastinating for a long time on getting yourself healthier , you just don’t know where to start.
  • You are too busy in your day-to-day life to contemplate making healthier lifestyle choices and require the structure of a formal nutrition program to kick-start you into action.


You may be experiencing some minor but persistent symptoms like low energy, frequent colds and infections, digestive disturbances, poor sleep to name a few.  These symptoms often indicate nothing more than a squeaky wheel in need of maintenance (to take the car analogy). Taking the appropriate tune-up steps can clear up the immediate symptoms. Even more important, a tune-up can ensure better long-term health and avoid the progression of minor problems to more serious problems. Here are some specific benefits your tune-up can offer:

  • increased energy
  • improved protection against disease – you must provide the nutrients you body needs to build strong tissues and vigorous immune cells
  • Rejuvenation and slower aging
  • better moods and mental function
  • bettter appearance
  • greater ability to deal with stress
  • weight control
  • quick results
  • happier attitude!


  • 5 sessions with your nutritionist
  • A supervised cleanse along with digestive support to optimize liver function, detoxification and digestion;
  • Detailed nutrition support covering meal preparation, blood sugar balance, weight loss plans if needed, menu planning, healthy packed lunches, recipes and healthy moderation;
  • Optimal nutritional supplements recommendations for your health;
  • Stress management and stress coaching to help with balancing day-to-day stresses, goal setting and improved overall satisfaction;
  • Exercise: how much is needed for optimal health; relaxation and down time; balance in life and how to integrate all of these chances for the long-term;

Fee: $400


Nutrition Tune-Up Mini Program

 This program is for you if:

  • You are feeling less than vibrant and your minor ailments are affecting your quality of life
  • You need a quick-start program for addressing your specific health concerns using food, diet and nutrition
  • You are self-motivated and disciplined to follow through on your personalized plan without the need of regular monitoring from a nutritionist

What this program includes:

  • An initial consultation to assess your symptoms, health goals, medical history, current food intake, medicine and supplements use and lifestyle habits.  
  • A personalized health plan that includes dietary, supplements, exercise and lifestyle recommendations.  Vicki will explain in detail how to implement your plan and provide realistic tips and strategies for eating well.
  • A follow up session to review your progress and necessary adjustments will be made to help you meet your health goals. 

Benefits of the Nutrition Tune-Up Mini Program:

  • With the guidance of Vicki, you’ll be able to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and experience health improvements over time as you continue follow the principles of the program on your own.  
  • For a small initial financial and time commitment, you’ll learn the best strategies  to boost your energy, manage weight and prevent disease with food, diet  and nutrition.

Fee: $200

Get started now, learn how nutrition counselling can help you.

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