Holly Watson, Dentons LLP

Holly lost 27lbs.

Although I have always considered myself to be a health conscious person, Vicki’s  10 Weeks Weight Loss Program was a game changer for me both physically and mentally. After working a desk job for two years, I experienced weight gain and health issues that were a growing concern. In today’s world, there are many fad diets being promoted that are conflicting and often misleading. This program appealed to me because of its holistic approach that goes much deeper than calorie restriction or counting points. Learning how to prepare meals that were both nutritionally dense and convenient was key in helping me to lose 20 pounds as someone that is always on the go.

In addition to losing weight, I feel a big improvement in my mood and state of mind. I have been able to reach fitness goals that I don’t think I would have met otherwise without a drastic change in diet and perspective. Being held accountable and setting realistic goals has given me confidence that this is a longterm lifestyle change and not a band-aid solution. Vicki is very approachable, encouraging and knowledgeable and I recommend her services for anyone at any stage in their health and fitness journey.


Jozie Mancuzo, TD Bank

Jozie lost 12lbs.

Today there is an overload of information on what to eat which I tried almost all and nothing worked which left me frustrated. Then I found Vicki who guided me on a journey not only to lose weight but learn to love food and myself again. I learned a lot about food, portions and overall health. I would highly recommend Vicki to guide you down your own journey on achieving your health goals.

Anu Ray, Deloitte

“By chance I met Vicki at the natural dispensary and it was the best thing that happened to me. I had gained a lot of weight due to a hormonal disorder and lifestyle and I was having a really tough time in losing the weight. Vicki helped me to not only loose the pounds but showed me what I should and shouldn’t eat. She helped me to learn about myself and my body and most importantly to make lifelong lifestyle changes. For me, the difference between other diet programs and Vicki’s program is her holistic approach to address my diet and health concerns at the same time. Thank you Vicki for empowering me to continue to make conscious and informed decisions for my health.”


Karen Trach, TD Bank

Karen lost 25lbs.

I had the pleasure of meeting Vicki in the fall of 2015 while searching out a detox product at my local health food store.  I was feeling extremely bloated, lacking energy, sleeplessness, headaches, and my arthritis was acting up.  Upon entering the store and discussing my options with the store clerk I was introduced to Vicki who pays weekly visits to the store providing product consultation.

Vicki portrayed a high level of professionalism and sincerity and advised of a product for me to try.  She further introduced herself as a Nutritionist working in the downtown Toronto financial district and shared a 10 Week Program Plan pamphlet with me.  She suggested that I take a look and consider possibly attending her program.  While I chose the 10 Week Program she certainly had a wide array of options to choose from.  I met with Vicki a couple of weeks later and made the decision to join her program and have never looked back.  Vicki’s approach to nutrition, together with her in depth personalized assessment and testing make her a very dedicated and committed Nutritionist.  She firmly believes in eating right and using the highest quality nutritional supplements available, thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals.

With Vicki’s program I learned how to understand the food that I eat and how my body works with the food being consumed.  Vicki showed me how to read labels and introduced healthier things into my diet.  Vicki also emphasized and taught me how different foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living.  Vicki never allowed me to become discouraged and always was enthusiastic and provided praise towards my success.  She is easy to speak to, and puts her patients at ease, listening attentively and is the first to suggest simple and positive health alternatives.

While I have concluded my program with success I continue to receive newsletters, recipes, and know that Vicki will continue to be accessible, knowledgeable and supportive to me.  Vicki is the utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients.  I am thrilled to have said that I worked with Vicki and have since referred two of my colleagues to her program.  I highly recommend Vicki’s Nutrition and Lifestyle Program and am proud to say that it made me aware and accountable for eating healthy foods and promoting a healthier lifestyle and allowed me to meet my goals.


Denise Chan, BMO Nesbitt Burns

“One of the best calls I made this year was to learn more about your program. I was very concerned about some health issues which developed as a result of bad eating habits and weight gain.  After meeting for the complimentary initial consultation, I was optimistic because you were so positive and encouraging.  Your holistic approach takes into account factors of weight loss which other programs don’t address. This was what made the difference – while other programs preached about reducing calories, your  program focussed on nutritious eating for detoxification, stabilizing blood sugar, balancing hormones and reducing inflammation – all key factors for weight loss I learned. Before the program I relied on food courts and take-out meals,  but with your simple and tasty recipes I learned to get organized and make more home cooked meals, as a result my whole family is eating healthier. The program was fairly easy to follow and to my surprise, the food diary and regular check-ins were extremely effective. The discipline was essential in achieving my goal.  Even two overseas trips while on the program didn’t present a challenge as you equipped me with practical strategies for eating on the go and preventing holiday weight gain.

I’d like to thank you for what you’ve done for me. Without you, I would still be trying to lose the first 5lbs, instead I’m down 25lbs and never felt better!”


Susan Henry, Alterna Credit Union

Susan lost 35lbs.

“Words cannot express how I feel today.  I walked into your office in June and at the moment I felt my body was failing me. I was overweight and afflicted with asthma, chest pains and pneumonia that left me hospitalized.  You provided me with the tools, encouragement and guidance that helped me regain my health.  While on your program I learned to make the right food and lifestyle choices that has improved my overall existence. Your advice, consultancy and mentorship throughout the journey has given me the confidence and knowledge to make the right decisions. As a result I lost 35 lbs and no longer suffer from respiratory ailments. This has also impacted all my family who are now making better choices.  Thank you!!!”


Nancy Basso, Lloyd Burns McInnis LLP

“I had the pleasure of meeting Vicki Lau last summer and  I contacted her for nutrition and weight loss counseling.   Since starting menopause, I gained a lot of weightand  tried many different ways to lose weight without much success.  With Vicki’s 10 weeks to WOW program I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food.  Vicki did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet.  Vicki taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. Through Vicki’s program I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life.   I found the program to be easy to follow with delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes all provided by Vicki. 

I am pleased to say that I met my 10 week goal, losing both weight and measurements, and have seen huge improvements in my health, in my eating habits and  have more energy since I started to work with Vicki. She really takes the time to get to know you and how your life and schedule work. She makes the process simple.   I look forward to returning to the program to lose more.  I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without Vicki and her program.  Vicki is the utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients.  She is also very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vicki and her program to anyone.”


Maggie Lefevre, TD Bank

Maggie lost 15lbs.

I wanted to lose 15 lbs and get healthy but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. That’s when I heard about Vicki, from my colleague who was also seeing her for nutrition counseling. I was just a little chunky. It started in my early 40s. Not much. I was always blaming it on age being in my 50s now and always saying that I would lose those 15 pounds and never really doing it. Slowly watching clothes that I could not wear drift to the back of the closet. Not that they did not fit. But they just bulged in unflattering places.

I consoled myself by telling myself that I was really not that bad and many people my age were much worse. But I was starting to hate myself in pictures and avoiding the camera. And never a picture of me siting down. Then I watched jealously as my husband lost 20 lbs. in what seemed very little effort.

But I just couldn’t so it. And I was getting old and slow. And life is so good but I did not have that vim and vigor I had in my 30s. was it age or being chubby?? I wanted to live longer too. It’s a good life. If I don’t get healthier now, then when would I do it? What was I waiting for?

Yep. I thought about the price and then thought about my life and what I was worth? If I took the car to be repaired and had a big bill.. well we just figure out how to pay for it. If the kids need something special or tuition we figure out how to pay for it. We figure out how to pay for a vacation here and there. If the doctor told us we needed this medical treatment we would pay for it. But why don’t I pay for a life changing heathy routine for myself? If I want to lose 15 lbs and get heathy and I obviously can’t do it on my own well I’m going to treat myself to this one thing. And this one special treat is ‘My life’.  And I look and feel great. My kids tell me. My husband tells me. My friends tell me.

And my knees tell me. and the bill was much, much cheaper than a car repair. Seeing Vicki was worth it.  I’m worth it. Aren’t you? Thank you Vicki for helping me feel and look this great!


Janine Gliener, Acoustics with Design

“Vicki brings all her personal warmth and generosity to her role as nutrition and weight-loss coach.  I felt totally supported through our weekly meetings plus ongoing emails, as Vicki provided tips, information, ideas, recipes and encouragement. She listened to my concerns and was always positive and encouraging.  While it was an adjustment at first from some poor eating habits I’d developed,  I found that I could learn to follow the plan within a couple of weeks.  I was rewarded with consistent results and met my goal of losing 18 lbs in during the 10 Weeks to WOW! program.”


Sonia Mitrevski, TD Bank Group

Sonja lost 23lbs.

My name is Sonia and I have always struggled to maintain an ideal weight most of my life. Most diets I have been on, I lost weight however I had difficulty maintaining the weight and keeping it off.

After having my first baby I was successfully able to lose most of my baby weight but I was never able to lose that last 10lbs. Then baby number two came along and I got promoted at work. This meant having two kids, loving husband, a demanding job and I am also pursing my MBA. Taking care of myself was always on the back burner. I got into a routine of eating late and eating anything when was hungry. I sacrificed a healthy meal for a quick meal. I didn’t really pay attention to the nutritional value of a meal.

At the beginning of the year I got the courage to go on the scale and realized my poor eating and low activity had caught up to me. I realized I needed to make a change immediately. Also, I have a family history of diabetes and that was the final motivator for me to change.

I started to do research and started to become active and I lost a few pounds. However, I felt as though I needed more information and education around nutrition. I met Vicki at the health food store and we made a connection. I signed up for her 10 weeks to Wow program.

During the 10 week program, Vicki taught me information about food, portion sizes, fat and much more. She personalized my meal plans to accommodate my hectic lifestyle. She taught me how to plan my meals. She gave me tips and ways to keep my weight off and maintain it through my lifestyle. With her support and my determined personality I successfully completed the 10 weeks to Wow program. I was able to lose 23lbs. and keep it off.

I want to take the time to thank Vicki for always believing in me and teaching me the nutritional value of food. This will allow me to live a long, happy and healthy life.


Lisa L.

“In 8 short weeks, I’m down 20lbs. After meeting with Vicki and having the initial consultation I knew the program was right for me.  Starting with a cleanse made sense and the pounds started to come off immediately which motivated me to stay on track.  During our weekly meetings Vicki provided nutritional counselling that made me understand how our system reacts to certain foods.  The recipes that were provided were so easy to follow and it was great having to be accountable to someone each week. Overall, I feel great and now feel like I have the tools to make healthy choices and maintain my desired weight.  I highly recommend Vicki and the WOW Program to anyone that wants to loss weight naturally and be successful.”


Micaela D, RBC Investments

“I really enjoyed working with Vicki. She is so easy to talk to and she really listens. This allows her to tailor the program to your exact needs and health issues. You really do get one-on-one attention. I learned so many valuable tips and tricks from her. A visit with Vicki is like talking to a knowledgeable friend.”


Derrick and Zamela Brown, RBC


Derrick lost 25lbs and Zamela lost 10lbs.

“I feel that I must write to thank you for your help and support to attain our weight loss goals.Our goals were 185lbs and 112lbs. respectively. Our starting weights were 210lbs. and 122lbs. This is not from dieting but learning how to eat healthy. Your assistance with easy to prepare great food recipes and your support to us really made the difference. Our goals were achieved in 8 weeks and we know that we will continue this healthy life style forever.”


Christine Bisnauth, CIBC

“It was a pleasure working with Vicki at Health by Nutrition. When I was younger, I used to be active, fit and slim but years of working a high stress and sedentary job packed on the pounds. I would not consider myself overweight when I consulted with Vicki, I just needed to improve my physique, lose a few poundsand learn how to eat healthier despite a hectic schedule.  During my sessions with her I lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks and made my weight loss of 14 lbs within 8 weeks.  She designed a plan that was attainable to my everyday routine and offered great tips to implement into my daily lifestyle which is helping me keep the weight off today.  I highly recommend this program.”


Donna Gatti, RBC

There are few people in this world who you can effectively say have changed your life.  I’m happy to say Vicki is one of those people.  When I found out about Vicki through a friend at work, I was gaining weight and couldn’t figure out why despite what I thought was pretty healthy eating and a routine of exercise.  Well, I soon found out that there were so many things that I could do to improve my habits. In addition, she opened me up to a wonderful array of fantastic foods I would have never tried if it weren’t for her.

This was no ‘gimmick’ or ‘fad’ type of diet.  This was all about a true lifestyle change in the strongest sense. I started to feel healthier, take better control of how I cooked and ate and also extended those benefits to my family.  Not surprisingly, the  weight stopped creeping up, and I started to lose pounds each Also, the inches started to come off.  Since then, I’ve managed to keep the weight off since. The best bonus is that Vicki is one of the nicest people and you truly feel inspired to do your best with her.. It never feels like a chore – it’s actually more of an adventure!  The last 15lbs are the hardest to lose, I’m proud to say that I did it! I highly recommend this as the healthiest thing you can do in your life.


Lesley M.

I’m so grateful to Vicki for her counsel and guidance in my journey to health. I’m the kind of person who knows all the rules – intellectually. Vicki has helped me put nutrition knowledge into practice. Which is what counts!  In two months and 22 lbs in, I felt amazing! With consistent and steady progress I lost 45 pounds by the end of the program and I couldn’t be happier! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Gabriella B.

I would like to tell the world what a wonderful person Vicki is.  I am so happy our paths have crossed because you have given me knowledge that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Just looking at your glowing face gives me encouragement and hope to reach the goal I need to reach for a healthy and happy life ahead of me rather than a life not being able to move properly and therefore not be happy person.

I still fall off the wagon very often, but just think of our talks and what I have learned and then I get right back up again and continue.  You have a very kind and patient aura about you, explaining how it is not really hard to make the right choices and forgiving when I have not done well.  We do not have to be perfect  100% of the time, but conscious and aware of the next decision we make to do better.

Since I have met you I have felt so much better and when you feel better you are able to cope easier with the challenges life has to offer. If anyone does not feel well or needs help to lose some weight I would highly recommend Vicki.  She has done wonders for me and she would do the same for you.

Thank you Vick and cheers!